shelleys elquid

Shelleys Eliquid, the brand that started all this nonsense.

As vapers, we started playing with our own flavours in 2014. Originally mixing for our own taste, we soon discovered that our vaping mates wanted some too. We worked with them to develop more flavours and things started going a little crazy.

The Shelleys Eliquid name was starting to get out there and people wanted to try. So after some rapid growth and equipment purchases, Shelleys eliquid opened up our line of Eliquid to the public. Its a little bit scary and you take all comments to heart. We have poured all our love into these flavours and although we love them, it was always a worry to see what people think of them. It was a real buzz to get comments back on how good our flavours where and that people could buy locally made Kiwi juice.

Our Name

Furthermore, our brand is our name, Both my Surname and my Wife first name (Yeah I know, we get that a lot) We stand behind our quality and unique flavours and are proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time. After all our names are on the bottle so it has to be good.

All Shelleys Eliquid is mixed at 70% VG

Thanks for trying our Eliquid

Dan Shelley

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